Astherna celebrates the achievement of one of our co-founders, Prof. Rob Collin, a key member of a Radboudumc-led consortium. This team has been awarded a monumental grant of €22 million by the NWO Zwaartekracht program for their project, Lifelong Vision. Lifelong Vision is set to investigate the treatment opportunities for inherited retinal diseases, including RNA-based therapies, to accelerate the delivery of effective therapeutic interventions to the affected community. While the grant supports the consortium’s work, its success will also fortify the ecosystem surrounding our company.

We congratulate Prof. Rob Collin and the entire consortium for this remarkable milestone. Let’s celebrate this occasion as a significant step forward in our mission to fight blindness for a brighter future.

More information available at following link: NWO Gravitation grant for development of therapies for blindness – Consortium led by Caroline Klaver receives 22 million euros – Radboudumc

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