Rob Collin (CSO) is a scientist with molecular knowledge and expertise in discovering and developing RNA therapy for specific genetic subtypes of retinal disease. Carel Hoyng (COO) is an ophthalmologist with over three decades of expertise on the clinical aspects of inherited retinal diseases, and experience in conducting and organizing clinical trials. In January 2022, Winni Schalkwijk (MSc) joined our team as Clinical Research Assistant.

Winni Schalkwijk

Clinical Research Assistant
“As a beginning scientist, working at Astherna forms a great learing opportunity. It feels very motivating to work on a therapy that could have a positive impact on people's lives”
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Carel Hoyng

Chief Scientific Officer, Founder, Key opinion leader Retinak Disease
“My ultimate goal is to find a cure for inherited retinal diseases”
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Rob Collin

Chief Scientific Officer, Founder, Inventor RNA Therapy
“Due to their high specificity, antisense oligonucleotides hold great promise to correct RNA defects underlying many inherited diseases”
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